Annoucement Request Form

See the form at the bottom of the page.

See the form at the bottom of the page.


We are aware that it is important to get information to the people of Cedars. We have many ways in which that can be done. We want to make sure we direct you to the best place to get the most traction for your event or opportunity.

First Guideline. We will not accept announcement request on Sunday Morning. That just can not happen. So please be prepared to give us plenty of time to make decisions for announcements. 

Second Guideline. Although we encourage you to submit your announcement request, please know that we will reserve the right to accept or deny requests given what is best for Cedars. Please know that there may be unseen factors that may have us deny your request. We will do our best to point you to the best alternative option.

3rd Guideline. We will not allow flyers or posters to be be placed on or in  the facility that have not been approved by the office. If you have a flyer, please use the form here to get permission.

Announcement Options

Sunday from stage: Generally we reserve this space for things that affect large portions of the church body or our main ministries. Please know that we are very protective of this time. So this is the hardest slot to get your announcement in.

Monthly Bulletin: This publication will be used to speak to the major ministry areas and the church body as a whole. Although we will be more willing to consider other announcements, we are still going to be pretty stingy with this Realestate.

Facebook: We have 2 Facebook options. The main general facebook page allows us to remind our people of upcoming things of interest. We will post as needed to this page. You can request that we add your announcement to this page. The Cedars church family is the place we are going to encourage most announcement to go. This is an informal page and allows people to see the things that interest them.

Instagram: Our instagram page allows us to place quick blurbs that help us hi-light the things that are going on here at Cedars.

YouTube: You can ask that a video announcement be made. Please know that again we are asking that those style of announcements are for the entire church body or significant ministries.

Church Calendar: Our Church Calendar is reserved for those events that affect the entire church body or the significant ministries of Cedars.

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