Bibles from Recyclables - Starting NOW!

Having access to the Word of God is extremely important in knowing who God is and who we are in Christ.  In America, most of us take for granted that we can go online to search for verses, read a bible in public, or purchase one on Amazon in whatever version we want. This is not how the persecuted church or those with limited access live.

3 years ago some of our older sisters and brothers wanted to do something to help. They started a recycling effort on this campus to raise money to send Bibles to these persecuted Christians and those without access in their native language around the world. Every $6.00 raised turned into 1 Bible. Now, that is the way to "up-cycle"!! Through those efforts they were able to send about 80 Bibles a year to those in need. With the approval from the elder board, this recycling program is starting up again!  We hope to send 100 Bibles in 2018!

You can help in two simple ways: recycling in the black and blue recycle containers while on Cedars Campus and bringing your recyclables from home to place in the designated collection area. Thank you for being a part!! We will keep you posted throughout the year on how many Bibles are sent :)