Bold Believers here with Esther Tuttle...

Esther went on the BikeRide last Saturday and has something to share with you ... and hopes to entice you to go next time!

Esther, what do you want people to know?

"It is very hard, but fun!! There is a lot to do when get there (to Coyote Hills) and you get a good lunch! There are big rocks you can climb by the picnic area. We got to see the nature reserve and we were able to see the stations there, it is like a museum. There are crafts for you to make (Gabby and I made origami frogs) and a gift shop. It is a lot of fun to go down the hills on bike but a lot of work to go up!!"

That sounds like a great time! What a fun way to connect with new friends and enjoy some cool stuff about nature. Thank you for sharing Esther!!

Well, there you have it - Fun, challenges, creativity, a great lunch with friends! Don't worry, if you missed this one I hear there is another plan in the works for July! Hope to see you down the road!