A letter concerning the removal of crosses from the Building

In our desire to bring two churches together, we were aware that there would be situations that would hard and difficult for all involved. We want to make sure that we address issues that have hurt people, even if that was not our intention. We want to apologize about the lack of communication concerning the removal of the crosses on the front of the building.  We, I, did a poor job of communicating what we were doing and why.  This lack of communication and clarity caused some at Cedars hurt, if that is the situation you have found yourself in, we are truly sorry for that.


One reason we took the crosses down was that this was seen as representing Cedar Boulevard Neighborhood Church and not Cedars, the new church.  Our attempt was to begin our New Church as one new body, not one old one and one new one.


But we did it quickly without proper communication.


Another reason we took the crosses down was to create a place that could be used for multiple purposes.  We wanted places like the city government to be able to use this place, and in doing so, we wanted to build a relationship with them for the gospel.


We stand for Jesus Christ.  His death and resurrection represented by the symbol of the cross is important for us.  We want to live our lives and even give our lives for Jesus Christ because of what he did for us. You (a transformed life) are the greatest symbol of the glory of Jesus. The Cross allows us to remember, the way we are redeemed.


We are going to be putting up a new cross on our property.  We want to put it in a new place.  We, the elders, are most concerned that we are witnesses for Jesus Christ.  We want Cedars Church, that’s you, to be a powerful witness for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  That has always been our goal.


We are putting up this cross, and what we really want to see is the cross of Christ reflected in our lives and communicated to those people God has place in our lives, our inner circles.


Joel Mattsson-Boze

& Elders of Cedars