Lindsey Alcosiba 


Lindsey is responsible for Discipleship and Assimilation.  Rooted is Cedars Church Discipleship Experience – a baseline for equipping people to understand; Who God is & How does He relate to us  and How do I live as a Disciple of Christ.  Lindsey is also responsible for Assimilation; The task of moving people from an awareness of Cedars Church to attendance at Cedars Church or Home Church to active membership.   Assimilation is about connection and connection is about relationship.

Lindsey and Candy married in 1991 and have a deep passion for the lost and broken of the community.  They want to bring hope to a marginalized people by mirroring the love of Christ.  They have three awesome boys, now young men.  All three grew up immersed in the city of Newark’s community through sports, school, and other activities and are currently pursuing faith-based, Christ centered lives.

Lindsey loves reading, fishing, sports, and now, running.  He also has a passion for history, especially the Civil War era.  However, all those are a distant second to spending time with his family.

Lindsey studied social science and religious studies at San Jose State University.  He is licensed and ordained through the Christian and Missionary Alliance.