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Speaker: Brett Hall

Talk Title:  Creating/Imagineering

Talk Summary: Genesis 1:26 says we are made in God's image! Since you were made in the image of our maker, then we were "made" to "make" as well! We are all creative in our own way,  whether we are more of an engineer, or an artist. Let's discuss how to channel our creativity for God's glory!

BIO: Brett Hall is a "jack of all trades," looking over multiple ministries for Cedars Church. He is also the Committee Chair for Young Life, and has helped launch multiple non-profits, such as Beyond the Locker and Bay Fusion. He loves helping people unleash their creative energy.


Speaker: Ray Wimsett

Talk Title: What is the Christian & Missionary Alliance?

Talk Summary: Cedars Church is a part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. So what does that mean for us as individuals and as a church? We will do a brief history of the CMA and then talk about the advantages being a part of the CMA brings to us.

BIO: Ray is an elder at Cedars and also teaches a Sunday morning class for adults and leads a small group on Thursday night along with his wife Gwen. Ray is a certified Bethel Series teacher and has taught The Theology Program and The Bible in 90 Days as well as other programs.


Speakers: Esteban Warren & Antoinette Rodrigues

Talk Title: Worship: Music & Beyond

Talk Summary: It's so much more than just music! In this breakout session we will quickly cover what it looks like to be a part of Cedars worship team for those potentially interested in helping out with music or tech. We’ll spend much more of our time discussing The WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY of the broader topic that is WORSHIP! Q & A time to follow.

BIO: Esteban Warren is Husband to Chantal and father to his 2 year old son Emryss. He's the worship Pastor of Cedars Church and currently leads worship as a guest at multiple bay area churches. His desire is to see people use their creative gifts to glorify God in the church and the marketplace!  Antoinette Rodrigues is the cherished wife of Ken, mother of 7 (+ 5 who’ve married in!) and Mimi of 8 kingdom fighters! She’s been involved in worship ministry for a number of years, leading worship regularly at Cedars Church and at various retreats and women’s events. Her vision is to see people make a connection with the heart of God.


Speakers: Andy & Laura Partick

Talk Title: Inner Circle Hangups

Talk Summary: Do you want to reach out to your inner circle, but you've got hangups on how to do it? Do you feel like circumstances around the people on your life or your own circumstances are keeping you from reaching out to your Inner Circle? We'll give some tips, and some stories, on how to push past that and serve God when it's particularly tough to do so.

BIO: Laura and Andy live in Newark with their two daughters Rachel and Alexandra.  As transplants who work from home or work 45 minutes away with two young kids, they don't have a typical Inner Circle.  They're trusting God every day with trying to figure out what that means.


Speaker: Amir Mohtasham & Alex Bennett

Talk Title: Close to us but far from God

Talk Summary: As broken humans who love the Lord, often times we find ourselves close to our struggling/searching inner circle, but sometimes far from God.

BIO: Amir is a Follower of Jesus, husband to 1 woman, father to 2 girls, friend to many.  Born in Iran, in CA over 30 years, found Christ through Lea and now doing my best to instill Christ in our girls.  Laker/49er fan, without any sort of bandwagon attached. Love being outside, always a human jungle gym when around kids, and an eternal optimist.  I also serve as an Elder at Cedars. Alex is originally from Brooklyn (Go Mets!)

Married a woman that had 4 daughters from a previous marriage. Alex is good at math and knows a deal when he sees one. 5 for the price 1.  Loves Jesus, can claim progress in my spiritual walk with Him, Walk has been peppered with several seasons of not following Him. Jesus set me free from drugs and alcohol (after several arrests, homelessness, and divorce) almost 20 years ago.  Favorite Verse: John 8:36, “He who the Son sets free is free indeed.”


Speaker: Heather Leyva

Talk Title: Spiritual Parenting

Talk Summary: Spiritual Parenting is not parenting perfectly. We all fail, yet He is faithful. Spiritual Parenting is about allowing room in our lives and homes for the Holy Spirit to do His work and recognizing our part in God's story of redemptive love.

BIO: Currently King's Kids Preschool Director, Heather is passionate about coming alongside families in their amazing adventure - also known as parenting! A Bay Area native, Heather is experienced in success and failure, pain and repentance, and knowing the One whose greatness makes life worth living.


Speaker: Laura Haas

Talk Title: Out of the Holding Pattern

Talk Summary: God has uniquely positioned and empowered us with everything we need to engage in the lives around us with His good news. He provided us with the road map and clear actions. Find out and create a practical guide to get you out of the holding pattern and on mission with God in your inner circle - whatever age they are.

BIO: Laura and her husband Vince have been married for 15 years. They and their two boys love their community, the mountain rivers, and time with friends. Laura is passionate about discipleship and encouraging others to pursue a deepening relationship with Christ.


Speaker: Michaela Schauer

Talk Title: Serving - Earning the Right to Be Heard

Talk Summary: Who will listen to my story but more importantly who really cares? If you are wondering how you earn the right to be heard, we will be discussing how to get personal with ourselves and those around us.

BIO: Michaela is a stay at home mother. She has been married to Paul for 12 yrs and has 2 kids. Michaela enjoys building relationships especially around food. She has a passion for children to know God's Word.


Speaker: Tim Ruiz

Talk Title: Practical ways to love your Inner-Circle

Talk Summary: You have developed a heart to reach your inner-circle but feel stuck in how to move forward to do so.  This breakout session will give you some easy and simple practical ways to love and reach your inner-circle with the love of Jesus.

BIO: Tim Ruiz serves at Cedars Church as the executive pastor.  He avidly loves Jesus, his wife, family, his inner-circle, trail running, traveling and being near the ocean.  


Speaker: Steve Flynn / Miguel Padilla

Talk Title: Bible Study Basics

Talk Summary: Having troubles getting started studying the bible?  This session will cover various options and ideas that will help you in reading the bible with greater understanding and exploring the blessing of how God communicates with us.  

BIO:  Steve serves as an elder at Cedars Church.  He loves his amazing wife, Pam and their two adult children (Robert & Heather), spoiling his grandchildren that he has through fellow Cedars members Robert & Becky Flynn.  


Speaker: Barry & Jessennia Taimani

Talk Title: Family Mission

Talk Summary: Barry and Jessennia will be discussing how the work that came with saying “YES” to God wasn’t as easy as they expected. However, it has been the most rewarding, life-giving decision they have ever made. Serving as a family has been more fruitful than they could have ever imagined.

BIO: Barry and Jessennia both grew up in Newark. They have been married for 14 years and are parents to 3 daughters Kiarra, Evangelia and Kalina. 5 years ago they made the conscious decision to make God the foundation of their family and he’s been blowing their minds ever since.  Barry and Jessennia currently lead a Cedars Home Church.


Speaker: Dennis Bettencourt

Talk Title: “The Quest For Authentic Manhood” by Robert Lewis (video from Right Now Media)

Talk Summary: Come view these video segments that encourage, challenge and shape men to grow into the mature and godly men God desires them to be.  This session will highlight an upcoming study being offered in the fall.

BIO: Dennis is the Men’s Ministry Leader at Cedars. He has attended Cedars/CBNC for 14 years and has a heart for men to grow to maturity in Jesus. He enjoys helping other men with their blind spots in their walk with Jesus so they become the spiritual leaders of their household.


Speaker: Christine Bahmani

Talk Title: Impacting the World Around You

Talk Summary: Are you having an "Impact Attack"? If you have a desire to make a difference, but feel sometimes overwhelmed, come hear some practical ways to impact your world right away.

BIO:  Christine is the Founding Executive Director of Compassion Network and truly believes in the value of our unique collaboration between the local churches and local social services to better support those in need. She loves traveling, watching the Steelers, researching the cure for cancer with her husband, food, cooking and drinking lemonade.  Compassion is her motto.


Speakers: Brian Robinson & Evan Hawthorne

Talk Title: Cross-Cultural Ministry

Talk Summary: Come and learn what being multi-cultural minded can do for your ministry! In this talk we will take a in-depth look at what was meant in Acts 1:8 - "For you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." Come learn more about connecting, breaking barriers, and being the salt of the earth!

BIO:  Brian (aka “B”) is the director of high school ministries at Cedars.  He is also on staff with YoungLife. Raised in Newark for most his life, his heart is to meet kids where they are. He loves art, music, adventure, and being a jokester. You can always see him with a smile on his face!  Evan is the director of middle school ministry at Cedars and is originally from the foreign country of Texas. Married to his wife Lindsey, they recently welcomed their baby daughter Rose into their family.  Evan works in risk management and consulting for CNA Insurance. Evan and Lindsey both enjoy serving, family, sports, and movies!

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Room 112

-Thursday Session 1 - Not in use

- Friday Session 2 - Esteban Warren & Antoinette Rodrigues

- Friday Session 3 - Andy & Laura Patrick

- Saturday Session 4 - Ray Wimsett

Room 113

-Thursday Session 1 - Ray Wimsett

- Friday Session 2 - Not in use

- Friday Session 3 - Barry & Jassenia Taimani

- Saturday Session 4 - Barry & Jassenia Taimani


Room 114

-Thursday Session 1 - Not in use

- Friday Session 2 - Michaela Schauer

- Friday Session 3 - Tim Ruiz

- Saturday Session 4 - Esteban and Antionette


Room A Upstairs

-Thursday Session 1 - Michaela Schauer

- Friday Session 2 - Christine Bahmani

- Friday Session 3 - Not in use

- Saturday Session 4 - Amir & Alex


Pre-Teen Room Upstairs

-Thursday Session 1 - Brett Hall

- Friday Session 2 - Evan Hawthorne & Brian Robinson

- Friday Session 3 - Dennis Bettencourt

- Saturday Session 4 - Brett Hall


Conference Room

-Thursday Session 1 - Evan Hawthorne & Brian Robinson

-Friday Session 2 - Not in use

-Friday Session 3 - Not in use

-Saturday Session 4 - Heather Leyva

Room 115

-Thursday Session 1 - Not in use

- Friday Session 2 - Not in use

- Friday Session 3 - Steve Flynn/Miguel Padilla

- Saturday Session 4 - Steve Flynn/Miguel Padilla


Room B Upstairs

-Thursday Session 1 - Andy & Laura Patrick

- Friday Session 2 - Heather Leyva

- Friday Session 3 - Not in use

- Saturday Session 4 - Not in use


Youth Room Upstairs

-Thursday Session 1 - Laura Haas

- Friday Session 2 - Amir Mohtasham & Alex Bennet

- Friday Session 3 - Laura Haas

- Saturday Session 4 - Christine Bahamani