Equipping Conference is Here - Storytelling

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The equipping conference is a big event for our church. We as a leadership believe wholeheartedly that our purpose is to equip the saints for works of ministry (Ephesians 4:12).

Our theme this year is Storytelling! We believe that the greatest story is God in us. We will be looking at His story, Our story, and then living those both together. We believe there is so much power in just simply telling your story. As a leadership, we do not just want to stand up on a Sunday and just tell you to "tell your story" or "reach your inner circle" without giving you tools and resources that will help you accomplish that. So we offer to you our equipping conference every year.

This October 2-4 will be a great event. Each night will be a main session and break out sessions that will be helpful to you. These break out sessions are being led by those who are trying to live this out. We will have worship and encouragement and some fun. We want to be able to prepare out best for you.

So please, sign up today so we can be ready for you and your family. Childcare is offered at a very low fee and you will want to sign up for that as well. We hope you are ready, because Equipping Conference is here!

Men's Retreat 2019 - Misdirection - Danny Ray

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We have been planning and praying for this event. We want this to be so impactful to those who attend. Danny Ray is going to be amazing. As is our practice, we will have some pretty awesome experiences in store. If you came last year, you know what we mean. Sign up today by clicking here . Find a friend, make a friend and bring that friend. September 13th we begin at 5:30, You get to sleep in your own bed and then be back on the 14th for a crazy day. Hope to see you there.

Men’s Ministry Team

What the promo video below!

A Look at Go Big (Backyard VBS) - Michaela Schauer



Instead of hosting a large on-campus VBS, Cedars' vision is to reach the community and give access to the gospel to those who do not otherwise have the chance. So we have taken VBS and changed it into supporting Backyard Bible Camps, hosted in our local neighborhoods. These camps provide a greater opportunity for parents to engage as well as the kids and for continued relationship centered around the gospel. Michaela Schauer, one of the Leaders of Cedars Family Ministry has hosted 2 summers in a row. Both years God moved in AWESOME powerful ways. Read below for more of the story from Michaela on this summer's camp and be inspired for what God may do in your community next year. Go Big and Go HOME - for Jesus!

Schauer’s Home 2nd Go Big Backyard Bible Camp - July 22-26th, 2019


 All in all, we had 17 children attend ranging from Kinder to 4th grade. Out of the 17, 4 kids were churched (regularly attends church). The rest of the kids were unchurched. The kids were all classmates or friends from school. For most this was their first or second time being exposed to the Bible.  We had some great helpers! (Zoe, Tim, JoJo and Michelle!) and many people committed to praying over us. 


 During camp, we talked about God’s creation, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, David and Goliath, Moses and parting the Red Sea, Prodigal Son, Jesus’s birth, and His Death and Resurrection. That is the Big God Story all in 5 days! 


 We played many fun games and created crafts that related to the Bible stories. We spent some time in small groups and discussing the story in greater depth. 

Their little minds were curious about the Bible and God. Such as “What is a virgin?” (when talking about the virgin Mary), to “Does God know everything?”, “Did he know I was going to be born?”, “My favorite story was when Jesus died on the 'plus' sign (He didn’t know the term for the cross). Because if he didn’t die, then we wouldn’t have life!” 

That’s right!  Yes! 

The kids were more engrossed in the stories and were curious about God. Among the group, there were over a dozen children who committed into prayer that they accept Christ!  

:) Michaela

Our Mexico Trip Is Telling A Bigger Story

Hello Cedars


This last June, 23 people took off for Mexico. They were willing to work, sweat and have open hearts. They did just that. They loved on a family in need and the loved on each other as they bumped into each other trying to get the work done. Smiles on faces as sweat ran down them. Love in hearts as they broke over the poverty around them. Hammers, shovels, saws and measuring tapes laying around meant that house was being built. The goal is not to build a house but a home. A home that will be filled with laughter and tears and special occasions in the life of this family. We pray for the Pastor that will love this family. We pray for a community that has the odds stacked against it. We pray for our Jesus to be ever present. So what is the bigger story. The bigger story is in us. Getting out of our chairs and into a world that needs a church that will sweat, build, love, and try. The bigger story is our lives making a difference in our world. Not because of us, but who lives in us. Let our Mexico story be an inspiration to you, that you can do more. You can be a light. You can make a difference. Just get up and go where God is.


Watch the Video Below


Membership and more!

Hello Cedars:

July was a lot busier than we thought it would be, but it has been so good. We have focused on some pretty important aspects of Cedars Church and we had some fun along the way. It is not over, we still have our Membership Celebration this Sunday, July 28, at 11:00am. 

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Please remember that this Sunday there is one service at 9:30. All our kids classes will happen during this one service and then we will celebrate with a breakfast for you! Right after the first service the food line will be open. After the meal, we will bring everyone back in for our Membership Celebration meeting. We hope to see you Sunday, Come hungry!

As we said earlier, we have been busy this July with membership kickoff and our “Church and the Park” just to name a couple. What a great time of gathering together we had as we invaded Newark Community Park. Great games, great food, and the weather was excellent. We loved seeing the Cedars family just hang out and enjoy the day. God has been so good to us, and we just want to praise him for all that He has done.

Now on to some other things that are important. As we have been stating each Sunday, we wanted all of those who called Cedars home to do a few things: One, if you would like, the bylaws have been available at the resource counter for the last 2 months. These are the bylaws that we worked to complete with C&MA. One part of the bylaws was to fulfill the requirements of C&MA for membership. We have been drawing your attention to these requirements. We have our Statement of Membership available to you, and have tried to be available as you check that out.

Rooted has been such a good experience for all that have taken it, and we are looking forward to everyone being able to go through this 10-week opportunity to build community

Below are some links that we would love for you to click on if they apply to your situation. Please know that in our attempt to Equip the people of Cedars we need information to do that well. If you would take a little time to help us out by filling out these items, it would go a long way. 

So that is all that we have for you for now. Please look at the links below and help us to really make a difference in the lives around us.


Cedars Leadership 


Cedars Membership Statement 

Click here to review, and if applicable sign the statement digitally.

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I want to Serve!

Click here to fill out a form that will better direct you on how to serve at cedars


Rooted Survey

Click Here to let us know how we can best serve you with this program.

Cedars Membership

Hello Cedars:

We had a great kickoff on Sunday night as we rolled out membership at Cedars Church. Thank you to all that brought desserts to share and to those who helped the evening go off without a hitch. The goal of the Eldership was to work out the bylaws (which includes membership) that rightly reflect Cedars as a new church. 

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The Elders worked hard to make sure our new bylaws and membership are a reflection of the direction that we see Cedars going. The Elders had a big task and they were also working with C&MA in this process. The elders went back and forth about the bylaws a few times and although we would have wanted this process completed sooner, circumstances did not let that happen. We submitted the bylaws to Cedars almost 2 months ago. We wanted you to be able to see the finished product. As a part of the bylaws process we also tackled membership. We wanted to make sure that we did not over-complicate this process, and we wanted to reflect the heart of Cedars Church. The Elders believe that we have accomplished this. 

The requirements are listed below.We will do a short recap in the weeks ahead. We will finish this initial kick-off on Sunday, July 28 with ine service at 9:30am and a celebration brunch in lieu of our 11:00am service. These weeks of July are not the only window to sign up for membership.  This is simply the season of launching our membership. You can take the time you need to pray through this, ask any questions and make your commitment in the timeframe you need. 

Our hope is that you look through the requirements and pray about your participation. We are excited about those who call Cedars their home church and want you to know that we are excited about the direction that we are being led. Please read through the bylaws and pray.

Membership Statement

The elders of Cedar Church, in a desire to have unity of life and ministry, put forth the following requirements for membership at Cedars Church. We desire to honor Jesus Christ in all that we say, do and believe. By acknowledging and fulfilling the obligations in this document, you will be considered a member once we have received this signed statement. This will allow you to participate in the actions put forward at the Annual Meeting held the 3rd Sunday of January each year. 

  • A completion of a membership class (Rooted). 

  • Confession of faith in Jesus Christ and evidence of regeneration.

  • Belief in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; in the verbal inspiration of the Holy Scriptures as originally given; in the vicarious atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ; in the eternal salvation of all who believe in Him and the eternal punishment of all who reject Him.

  • Acceptance of the doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King as defined in scripture and is explained in relevant C&MA materials.

  • Full sympathy with the mission and core values of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, and cooperation by systematic support of its work.

  • A personal commitment to this fellowship which shall be demonstrated by such outward signs as regular attendance at its functions, regular giving of tithes and offerings in support of the local program as well as C&MA Missions, availability for local ministry assignments, and maintaining unity through the practice of speaking well of the Church and its leaders as well as that of settling differences quickly in the spirit of Matthew 5:23–24 and 6:14–15.

  • An acceptance of the authority of the Elders. The elders are for the edification and encouragement of the body. They are also for discipline and correction of the body. The submission to biblical authority is an important part of being a part of a local church body. (Hebrews 13:17)

If you agree with the above statements you may choose to sign the online version by clicking here, or you can sign a paper version on Sunday. 

If you have any questions you can contact the Elders by clicking here.

Thank you for your consideration and know that we are praying for you. We are so thankful for those who want to help Cedars grow stronger.


Cedars Leadership

Awesome news from C&MA

We are thrilled to announce that the $500,000 matching grant challenge for Great Commission Day has been met. As of Friday, June 7, the Alliance family has given $570,000 to the offering, and the generous Alliance donor has released the $500,000 matching gift.
$280,000 of the $570,000 was presented by Alliance churches and individuals who brought their offerings to Alliance Council earlier this month—nearly doubling what was offered at Council 2017.
Thank you, Alliance family! Your generosity has unleashed more than $1 million to launch these new workers to live and work among the world’s least reached and most overlooked peoples.

However... that’s not all the news!
A Fresh Challenge:
Even before the matching challenge had been met, God was working in the heart of an Alliance Metropolitan District church that was seeking Him for guidance. Moved by His Spirit and inspired by this historic opportunity, this church was prompted this week to donate $400,000 as a challenge gift for other Alliance churches to give beyond what they believed possible. The church’s pastor writes, “We hope this will encourage other Alliance churches to ‘be courageous’ and step into the Jordan with us.”

Together, we’re making great progress in proclaiming Jesus where His name has yet to be heard. Will your church accept this challenge to solidify our sending momentum?

To seize this challenge opportunity, please use one of these two convenient options:

  1. Give online! If your church is set up to give via electronic check, please visit www.cmalliance.org/give and designate your gift to the GC Day Offering.

  2. Give via check! Simply make your check payable to The Alliance and designate “GC Day Offering” on the memo line or the remittance slip and send it to:
    The Alliance
    Office of Donor Services
    8595 Explorer Dr.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80920