We are excited!

Hello Cedars:
What an amazing time at Cedars... Let me explain.


We are launching 19 groups this Sunday for all of you. We have so many people stepping into their gifting, or, at least are willing (with a little fear) to let God use them. We are so excited about this. Laura Haas has been working hard to make sure that these groups are successful. We are pretty sure there is a group that will help you where you are right now. And if you have not taken ROOTED this is a great time to do so. Download the Church Center App and log into Cedars Church. You will be able to see all the groups that are offered and sign up for them from the app. Or, you can go to the Cedars website to sign up as well. We want you to be equipped! Please take advantage of all that is being offered.

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good friday.png

Also, we are excited as we move into Holy Week:  First, we will have a special service this coming Sunday that will highlight our Children's Program. We believe this will be the special service to help us move greatly towards Easter Sunday. Then, get this! Our Good Friday service is being led by our Home Church Pastors. It will be a special night. Each Home Church Pastor will take a segment of the service and then we will bring it all together with communion. This is a family experience, so no childcare for this service. Finally, it is Easter Sunday! We have life since our Lord and Savior rose from the dead and is alive. We will be looking at the power of an empty tomb. We will have our regular service times, but expect to be rather full. Be willing to get close to your neighbor. We believe there will be more room in the second service than in the first. Keep that in mind as you make Easter plans.
Additionally, there are all these awesome things happening in background that we will be letting you know about in the weeks to come. We have been so blessed in this season. God is good and we keep seeing Him show up in some great ways.

Here are a few other highlights as I wrap this up:

Mexico meeting.png
Copy of Filoli.png

We may have as many as 5 people baptized at our next baptism service on May 5. If you have been thinking about baptism, this is a great time to get in touch with the church staff.

Mexico signups have begun. This is always a significant trip. Do not miss out! We have a meeting right after 2nd service this Sunday for those interested. So go to the website and check under the Serve Tab for more information.  Or, go to the Church Center app to check things out.

Finally the ladies have a trip coming up to Filoli Gardens! This could be something that you would really enjoy. Go to the Church Center App or our website for more information.

Well there you have it.  So much is going on, and we want you to be in the middle of it all. Come on, join a group, bring a friend to Easter services or go to Mexico. So many opportunities are before you.

Your Equipping Church Leadership

This is one you should check out!

Hello Cedars Church:

This update is meant to remind us of who we want to be at our heart as Cedars Church.

Since the merge, we have been working toward a goal:  We want you who call Cedars home to be equipped to reach your inner circle. That is those 8 to 15 people whom you know and who know you. We believe that God has put you in their life to be a light of the gospel.

We want you to know that God believes that you are fully capable (along with His spirit) to reach them for His glory. This does not mean that you preach at them, but that you do life with them. You tell them your story and you live out your story in front of them. We know that when we speak this way that it can bring up fears of inadequacy and lack of preparation.

As a staff and leadership. That is why we are here to help. Please know that nothing will be as effective as you praying for them and asking God to help you reach them, but we want to help. This is the desire at the core of Cedars groups.  We are not wanting to "educate", we want to equip. That is the call of Ephesians 4:11-12. In a discussion with a recent Cedars group, we asked this question: Do we pay our Lead Pastor his salary every week to only preach a 30-minute sermon, and then repeat that same 30-minute sermon the next service? For some, that is all they understand that he does. Or, is he called to lead and provide vision to a staff that equips the church to do works of ministry? Some would think that our ministries only happen on Sunday morning. This is simply not the case for our church. We are doing so much throughout the week to help our people reach those in their lives.
We want you ready for the work that is before you. To do stand in the strength of the Holy Spirit for the lives that are right around you. Please note that we as a staff have owned this vision and are striving for it.

Following are 2 important things:

Screenshot 2019-03-27 11.40.40.png

First First are the steps that we have shared many times about reaching your inner circle.

LIST your Inner Circle, those 8-15 people with whom you have developed, are developing or maybe should develop relational equity.
PRAY daily for your Inner Circle, that each individual would sense God’s presence in their lives and be open to His love.
INVEST in your Inner Circle— watch for appropriate ways to be God’s instrument, as He calls them
to Himself and transforms their lives.
INVITE them to spiritual interactions regularly and thoughtfully, as God opens doors of opportunity. This could be church,, but should not be the main thing to which you invite them.

PREPARE to become a better example of faith in Christ as well as a more effective witness of His grace.

Second, we want you to click here to see all the Cedars Groups that are coming this Spring. Get ready because there are a lot of them! Pray so that you can see where you need to be most equipped to reach your inner circle.
We as a staff are taking very seriously our call to equip you for the works of ministry. We hope that you are taking very seriously God's call on your life to be His ambassadors to a lost world.
Go and make disciples!

We are here for you and and want to walk with you.


Cedars Leadership!


We want you to go to Mexico!

Hello Cedars

Take a great look at our 2018 house building trip to Mexico. Cedars Church first trip.

One of the things that we want to make sure that you are aware of is our annual Mexico House Building Trip. This year it is scheduled for June 27th-July 1st. As a staff we can not tell you how significant this trip can be for your growth. To be a part of changing the life of a Child of God in the name of Jesus is simply powerful. This is a trip that will bless you more than words can say. No one who has gone on this trip has not come back affected and moved by what they saw and what they accomplished. So we are really asking for you to consider this trip.

Here are some details that you need to know.

1. Date is June 27th-July 1st - We leave fairly early on Thursday morning and shoot to be back around 8:00pm Monday night.

2. You HAVE TO HAVE a valid passport. You need to get on this now if you do not have one.

3. You absolutely do NOT need construction experience.

4. You will be sleeping in a tent. And yes it is a bit dusty and dirty, (see the pics below) but it is worth it.

3. The cost is $395.00 for this trip. If you start now and send out a support letter you can raise this money rather quickly. Please know that you could have this trip fully paid for if you start now. (We will have a support letter that you can use on the registration page)

4. You will need to register through our events page. Click here now to register. This will let us know of your interest and will make sure you have the proper documentation. (Also Amor Ministries is completely digitize, so we have links that you will need to fill out the paperwork needed by Amor).

A. 18 or over click here.

B. 17 or under click here.


5. There will be meetings throughout May to answer all your questions. Our First one is May 5th at 12:30 IN ROOM 112 on the Cedars Campus

6. You will want to bring a friend. Trust me, this is a great shared experience.

7. Here is where you sign up. Click on this link. More information will be found here.

8. The youngest that can attend is a Jr. High Student if one parent attends with them. High School on up, are welcome.

Ok, That is it. Please pray about this, please consider this! We want everyone who calls Cedars home to eventually come on this trip. We believe in this trip that much.

If you have questions, please let the staff know.

Blessings Amigo

Cedars Staff.

Some things we thought we would tell you

Hello Cedars!

The staff and elders wanted to just keep you up to date about some things that have taken place that we are really excited about. It has been so good to see the spirit of the church begin to rise. There are so many new faces and people who are striving to know Christ more. Our rooted groups are going great and our facilitators are doing an amazing job.

Cedars Groups
Our Cedars groups have been going strong and it has been so encouraging to hear the reports coming from our leaders. Laura Haas is doing a great job helping them succeed. She is really excited for the Spring session of our Cedars Groups, so if you are interested in leading a group contact her! Laura@cedars-church.com.

Women's Ministry

The Abide women's ‘stay-cation’ was such a huge success. So many women were encouraged and lifted up. There was great worship and women connecting through their stories. We are excited for a great start to the women's ministry and what the women will continue to do throughout the year. The next event is the craft night. Check the website and app for details.

Men's Ministry

We had a BBQ this last Saturday that was really fun for all involved. Brett Hall did an amazing job sharing his own story and telling of his love for the great outdoors, the place where he meets God. We had some great displays, by various individuals and vendors, to experience and try:  Tents, backpacks, hunting bows, fly fishing, and equipment that lets you talk to people around the globe. It was so good to see over 60 of our guys just enjoying each other's company. We have another BBQ in June but we hope to see you at our men's breakfast the first Saturday of April at 9:00am.

Christian & Missionary Alliance

Every year the central pacific district of the C&MA get together to connect and do a little business. With over 100 churches in our district, it is always good to connect with other churches and hear what God is doing in our district and around the world. Our Pastor Jeff Harris was officially recognized and introduced to the church leaders as an ordained pastor in the C&MA. Great teaching and worship accompanied a very good time together. Tim Ruiz and Laura Haas were also able to attend. Laura Haas did a great job of promoting the Breathe Conference that Cedars will be hosting later this month. The Breathe Conference is meant to be a time for the Family Ministries Pastors and directors to come and be encouraged as well. We are proud to host this event. If you would like to help us make this a great day, please sign up to volunteer. Let's come together to love on these workers who do so much for our families and their little ones.

Home Church

Our Home Church pastors just met last night to study and learn how to love their people better. Pray for our home churches. God is moving. ComeUnity church just had a 1 year birthday celebration and it was a special time. Pray for the team that is leading this great church. Pray also for the Patricks as they see God moving in their church as well. God is good. Our Hayward church is reaching dramatically into their Inner-Circles. Pray that fruit comes from all this work. We are so blessed by those who lead our Home Churches. Keep them in prayer.

Easter is around the corner and the staff is putting in some extra work to make this a great time for the church family. Remember that your Inner-Circle is right there! Reach out and pray for them. Pray that God opens doors and makes it possible for you to connect them to Him,
So much is going on, so help a church out. Download the Church Center App! Go to the profile button in the upper right hand corner. Update your profile. And make sure you upload a picture of yourself. That will help so much!
Ok.... That is enough for today. Hope to see you Sunday as we are almost to the end of our Philippians series. Thank you church.


Cedars Leadership

Cedars and Social Media


We cannot escape it:  these phones, these apps, this connectivity. We at Cedars Church are committed to stay in communication about what is going on and how you can be a part. We want to use any medium that will help us do this. This update has some information and some asks. The more that we can help you to connect, the greater you can grow and increase in your walk with Jesus. So, we am going to take you through the different forms of communication that we use at Cedars. This information may be a great help to you.


Our Website - www.cedars-church.com

This is a repository of almost all our information. We are striving to make sure that our information is up to date and gives you what you are looking for. From staff bios, to calendars, online giving, to ministry explanations; this is always a great place to go to if you have questions.

Facebook (Main page) https://www.facebook.com/cedarschurchnewark/


This page is meant to be an information portal for the things that are happening currently at Cedars. We will use our Facebook main page to remind you of upcoming events of need-to-know information. We will also use our Facebook main page to tell stories and let you in on the inner workings of Cedars. This is meant to be a way to inform you and inspire you.

Facebook (Cedars Church People) facebook cedars people

This page is for those who call Cedars “home.” This page is like a community bulletin board. We will post information that would be beneficial and let people know of Cedars community opportunities. We will also post items of interest that will be encouraging to the rest of Cedars. Cedars Church People is also a place to ask for help or let people know of great opportunities. This is for you to talk with other Cedars people and stay connected.

Instagram (Cedars) cedars instagram


We use Instagram as a fast way to inform, encourage and inspire. The format of Instagram allows us to quickly let people see events taking place throughout Cedars. We post inspiring photos and quick tales that will help you see how Cedars is affecting our community. We want this to inspire as well as inform.

Youtube (Cedars) Cedars youtube channel

download (1).png

Youtube is where we post sermons and other encouraging videos on our own Cedars Channel. This is a place to see in video form information that might be helpful. Sermons, testimonies, and event highlights can all be found on the youtube Cedars Channel. We want to keep growing this channel to help you more.

Right Now Media - Click here


Cedars has a church-wide account with Right Now Media. This gives you access to a complete library: Kids videos, Bible studies, sermon series and inspiring content. This sight is loaded! Think of it as Netflix for the Christian world. And, it is free to you! Go check it out.

Planning Center Online


This is our church management software. This allows us to check in our little ones on Sunday, set up events so you can join, track giving, and set up groups. For the most part, this is really a tool to make the staff more efficient, but you can help us. The more information you fill out on your profile, the more we can let you know of things that may be important or significant to you. By clicking here you will be taken to a form that will help you update your profile so we might serve you better.

Church Center App


This mobile app is connected to Planning Center Online. This app is just a simple way to get some of the more important information to you regarding Groups, Events, online giving, and your profile. Word has it that fairly soon Church Center will even make children’s check-In easier. So, this is a great addition to your phone. Download by going to your app store on your device and choose Church Center.

YouVersion Bible App


We love this app. It allows people to easily connect with God’s word in powerful ways. YouVersion contains devotionals, Bible study tools, and so many versions of God’s word. We like it because our pastors can input the scriptures from that morning’s message in the app for you. You can find friends and even do devotionals together. YouVersion also has ways to encourage you to keep reading. Go to your app store and get it today.



It is a reality that there are people who give reviews of the events they attend. These reviews are about restaurants and other venues mainly. However, there are people who look up Yelp reviews before they attend a church. You can help us by going on Yelp and leaving an honest review. We are not asking you to give 5 stars “just because.” We are asking you to give a review that will help others find out if Cedars is for them. So, go on now and help them out.

We have a great team that is trying to keep us all up to date. You can help! If you think that there is something that can help us tell a better Cedars story, please let us know. You can do so by emailing us at office@cedars-church.com

This technology is not going away, so let us use these options to glorify our Father.

A peek into a Rooted Group! - Annie Rosado (Children's Director)

Annie Rosado, our new Children’s Ministry Director, and her husband Caleb are taking the Winter Rooted class on Sundays. We wanted you to hear a bit from her on what the experience has been like.


Question: Annie, how has this group experience been different for you from other groups?

“This group has been completely different than any other group because there is more vulnerability in what people talk about. There is no judgment and are no right or wrong questions. This opens up the floor to just about any conversation. It is a safe place to pray and especially for sharing what is on your heart.


I don’t know if it is just our group, but honestly, relationships have already been created in just a few weeks. The friendships were even being formed at the first meeting. It is different than just seeing people at church on a Sunday. Growing these friendships in Rooted has been organic, now on Sunday’s it is like seeing an old friend. I think you can expect to come out of this groups with friendships formed, coffee dates planned, and really set up well for community.”

Question: You have been a Christian for a while. Outside of the relational aspect of Rooted, do you believe it is great even for “seasoned” Christians?

“Yes, I do. Rooted takes you back to the core foundations of belief. You’ll find yourself going deep in the quiet times. Whether someone is at the beginning of their walk, have been a Christian for a long time, or even unsure about God and have lots of questions they have been wanting to ask - I think Rooted is right for everyone. It will deepen your relationship with God wherever you are at in your spiritual walk. I don’t think you can go into Rooted and not come out with a stronger faith!”

Question: Cool, thank you so much for sharing Annie! One last question, What is it like to be in a group led by facilitators where the content really drives the time?

“I like how the environment has been set up for these groups. Once you have experienced a group you can see how yourself or others in the group could easily step in to facilitate. Our leaders are Rita and Sallee. Having them both has been such a blessing. I was really nervous about going into rooted, because I was worried about it being serious all the time. I don’t mind serious, but I do like to have fun, too. Having them as facilitators is the best – they make it easy for us to share because they are so transparent about their own lives and spiritual walk. It is not about them being on a pedestal but about them being alongside us on this journey.”

Thank you so much for sharing with us Annie! We hope this has encouraged some people out there to jump in and experience Rooted in the Spring.


We just want to say THANKS - (All Church Meeting)

Cedars logo no words .png

Hello Cedars
On behalf of the eldership we want to thank those who were able to attend our Annual All Church Meeting. What a blessing it was to share the vision that God has put before us in 2019. We were so encouraged to hear overwhelming support for what is on the horizon for Cedars. We want you to know that the staff is also encouraged as we move forward.

We want to underline once more that if you have any questions, we have made it possible for you to ask them. At the top of our Cedars online home page is a button that, when clicked, will take you to a form that will allow you to ask questions of the Elders on various topics. Also, the presentation that was shared at our meeting is there for your to look over at your leisure. We also have placed a copy of our Statement for Membership for you to look over.  A reminder that membership will be instituted once we get a final approval from C&MA on our Bylaws. You can also call the office and ask to meet with our Lead Pastor, Jeff Harris.
As was stated, we have fully funded the budget requests for all our ministries and have put into the budget some much needed facility upgrades and care. We were also able to address the salaries and benefits of our staff. We are so excited by the vision that God has given this Eldership for Cedars and its future. The staff has been doing some amazing things and we were blessed to let you know about some staffing changes that will help us grow even more. Jeff will take a few minutes in this Sunday’s services to give you the highlights.

When it is was all said and done, we thought we left out an important component to our growth in 2019:  We are going all in on our teams. That means that all ministries have teams that are being built to better serve Cedars:  Hospitality team, Men's Ministry team, Women's Ministry team, Family Ministry team, etc. Do you want to be on a team that helps us thrive? Be looking for places to volunteer and we will be letting you know of our needs very soon.

God is good and we are so excited by the weeks and months ahead of us. Blessings to you as you strive to reach your Inner Circle, and may we work together to equip the saints for their work in ministry.

Elders of Cedars Church