Here's What You Might Have Missed!

Thank you for your patience as we play a little bit of catch up! It's been quite the busy season, and we have been working together to get information more readily available to you. 

Moving forward, we will be communicating together through this website in order to make sure we are being clear, concise and unified in our communication with everyone. A weekly update will go out each Friday, as well as separate ones for any special announcements that are made. 

Before we get the new updates, we have to catch everyone up a bit on what has gone on thus far: 

God had been moving Jeff and Joel, from different directions, in a way that brought them to the same point. They were both helping their Leaderships see that God was doing something new. The path was different, but the destination and desired result were the same. They were both amazed when they met and discussed God’s moving in their hearts, how clearly God had knitted all this together. Then the fun really began.

Through prayer, conversations and a lot more prayer, the idea started to form into a reality. A vote was taken by CBNC to determine if the congregants approved of a merge per their bylaws, and after a vote of 92 to 16 - things were officially set into motion. A new Eldership termed the "Task Force" was launched from leaders of both church Elderships. This Task Force is made up of Jeff and Joel along with two elders from InRoads and two elders from CBNC.

We want to make one thing very clear. We did not bring InRoads and CBNC together just to make a larger church. God is bringing together two churches with the same vision so they can co-­vision and birth an entirely new church.

The information regarding the merge was given to both churches on Wednesday August 31st. Since then:

  • The Task Force Eldership was announced
  •  InRoads Staff members have moved into the CBNC offices
  • Both staffs went away on a 2-day retreat to talk through vision and direction for the new church
  • Our All Church Retreat for Jan 20th - 22nd was announced
  • Our merge date was set as the Sunday following the All Church Retreat, January 29th! 

Currently, our staffs are meeting and working hard together to help with this transition for both church bodies, as well as planning for the all church retreat! We want to thank you for your patience as we work to communicate more efficiently with everyone, and we look forward to the information we will be sharing with you weekly as more decisions are made!