Let The Merging Begin!


InRoads and CBNC staffs met for their first combined meeting Tuesday. It included prayer, great conversations, and pizza - all necessary ingredients when launching a new church. 

We discussed the very valid concerns and fears raised from the different church bodies. We understand this is a difficult and uncomfortable season, and we have not been able to give answers to questions that some of you hold. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work towards addressing these questions and concerns.

Our first step in addressing the questions and concerns is improving our overall communication. Thus, we have created this blog where we will send out weekly updates on the merge progress. Along with providing continual information, Joel and Jeff are planning through how to address some of the main vision and function questions of the new church on Sundays leading up to our All Church Retreat. We hope that as these times come, both church bodies will be open to listening to what our staffs and the Task Force have been working on. We cannot give you an exact date for when more will be talked about on Sundays - just the commitment that Jeff and Joel are working together in order to make this happen as soon as possible. 

What the staff was up to this week:

  • Tim (InRoads Executive Pastor) and Joel (CBNC Head Pastor) continued to work through new job descriptions for each staff member and prepared to meet with each individual to go over these descriptions as well as assist in job transitions as needed.
  • Laura (CBNC Children's Ministry Director) and Marie (InRoads Children's Ministry Director) began working on how to merge together the two amazing groups of volunteer teachers and have begun to set up key meetings with leaders to begin the transition. 
  • Nick (CBNC Middle School & High School), Brett (InRoads High School & College) and Marie (InRoads Middle School) began conversations for how to come alongside their volunteer leaders and the students through this transition as well as dreaming up fun ideas for activities for the youth at retreat. Nick & Marie meet again Friday to specifically discuss Middle School youth. 
  • Jeff (InRoads Head Pastor) and Lindsey (CBNC Associate Pastor) headed to a training in Southern California on Thursday & Friday for a potential program that our new church could use in order to help our church body stay unified and focused on discipleship. The staffs are looking forward to next Tuesday's meeting where we will hear about what they learned while away.
  • Jerry (InRoads Maintenance and Grounds) began meeting with Heather (Kings Kids Preschool Director) to begin fixing needs throughout the preschool. He will be in the preschool this weekend working on various requests from the teachers before school reconvenes. 

Laura Haas (Children's Director at CBNC) shared an example with her leadership team this past Sunday that they felt was impactful, and we wanted to also share with you: She spoke about how a seed can be planted and grow from an existing plant. When the seed falls into the soil, it must die completely in order to spring new life. If it only partially dies, instead of producing new life, it will rot away. In the merge of CBNC and InRoads, both church staffs have come together hands wide open, willing to let programs, "golden calves", even our jobs, change and "die" - in order to allow for God to produce a new church for His Glory. This is a hard truth to hear, because change is difficult - we know each of you dearly love your church and community, as do the staffs, the Task Force and most importantly God Himself. As your staffs, we are not wishing to take from you what you love - that is not our desire. Our desire is to seek God in how He can uniquely use the giftings of InRoads and CBNC together. We wish to produce new life through a new church - with new vision and new hope for the community of Newark and Fremont. Please continue to share with your staffs all concerns, questions, and fears you are having over the merge. Let us listen and talk with you. We do not promise answers, but we do promise that we care and want to seek God in the answers with you.