Learn more about InRoads' Marie Thoma and CBNC's Laura Haas!

Happy Thanksgiving to our church family! We are thankful for each of you who calls InRoads and CBNC their home.

All Church Retreat Update: We’ve had great signups for the All Church Retreat--so great that InRoads will be having a waitlist and CBNC is ready to fill up their last spots . Please make sure you sign up this Sunday to reserve your spot or to be put onto the waitlist. 

Introducing The Staff: We want to introduce you to each of the staff members so you can get to know names and faces of those you haven't met yet. It will take a few weeks to get everyone introduced and this week you'll meet Marie Thoma, the Director of Children's & Middle School Ministry at InRoads and Laura Haas, the Director of Children's Ministry at CBNC.

I’ll start by introducing myself - I’m Marie Thoma! I’m the youngest of the InRoads/CBNC family. I moved from Seattle, Washington to Hayward in order to attend CSUEB where I graduated with a degree in Organizational Communications. I began volunteering with Tri-City Young Life once moving to the area. Young Life has a special place in my heart because I came to know Christ in high school through the ministry. I was hired by InRoads as the Director of Children’s Ministry in 2013, taking on Middle School Ministry the following year. I am currently attending Western Seminary to further my knowledge of the Old and New Testaments.

I am big on youth ministry, I especially love middle schoolers. I am convinced that no one is as awkward, loving, inspiring and hilarious as kids in 6th-8th grade. I love outreach and I can’t think of anything more important than being present in the lives of youth as they are tirelessly searching to figure out who they are and what their purpose is. I’m on my third year as coordinator for BOOST tutoring for low income students through Compassion Network and it is a current highlight of my week (I'm also always looking for great tutors to help). I drink decaf coffee because I can't handle caffeine, but can’t give up the taste of the Major Dickinson’s blend at Peets. I love hoofed animals, dream of having a goat one day and I live in the silly town of Sunol. 

I met Laura Haas several years ago as I was beginning my ministry at InRoads, she came alongside me to give me advice and guidance. We quickly became friends and to this day Laura has continued to be an important person in my life as a friend and mentor of mine. As the new church comes together I am thrilled to have the families of InRoads meet and get to know Laura and her heart for God. Laura and I used to joke about how fun it would be to work together, never thinking it was a possibility - and now, it’s becoming a reality! We are even office roommates! 

Laura Haas has been on staff as the Children’s Ministry Director at Neighborhood Church for almost 4 years and she was on the leadership team for 6 years prior. She is currently pursuing her licensing as a minister with Christian Missionary Alliance and has a diverse background in Special Education and Business. Laura has a passion for those in need of Jesus and for family ministry in multi-generational church life.  She believes the new church between InRoads and CBNC is going to have a huge impact for Christ on the families/individuals close to us and our greater community. She is super excited!!

Laura is homegrown, born, raised, saved, and married in Fremont. She began her adventure with her first true love, Jesus Christ, at age 22 and married her hubby love, Vince, at 24. They have two boys, ages 12 and 9, and a 20 year old daughter away at college. Oh, and a yellow lab, Indiana Henry Jones Jr. Haas. Laura enjoys the nostalgia of farm/country life that Fremont once was – it works out pretty well that they have a barn on their property. Party at the BARN Y’all! (She loves big parties.)

Staying in Fremont to raise a family came as a surprise to her… she loves new/mixed cultures and thought she would end up permanently in overseas missions! But God had bigger plans, He brought the overseas missions and beauty of the cultural diversity right to her, in good old Fremont. Now there is no other place she would rather be. (Well, honestly an escape to the mountains now and then…with family, fishing poles, and a mountain bike is pretty nice.) 

Laura and I have had many meetings over how to best support parents and children through the merge and launch of our new church. Our priority is to help the transition be smooth and healthy for both churches. We have started getting our children’s ministry teams together to meet and are looking forward to the All Church Retreat and new church!

Photos pictured above (listed in order):

  • Laura with Husband Vince, son's Cory and Joey yesterday on Thanksgiving.
  • Laura & Marie having fun several years ago searching for things within the CBNC children's supply closet.
  • Laura & Marie in their shared office along with their giant teddy bear and giant amount of popcorn. 
  • Marie cheesing with her mom as her dad carves the turkey yesterday at her grandparents house in Washington (missing her brother who had a shift at the firehouse).