And Now, Without Further Ado...Staff Role Changes! And Introducing Esteban Warren

The staff has begun preparing and managing their new roles while also juggling their current roles (when you see your staff give them each a hug, they've been busy). And some of our volunteers/ministers have also gotten the inside scoop through meetings with our staff members. If you are a volunteer and haven't had one of these meetings - don't stress, we are working hard to get them scheduled, but we are slightly outnumbered! (See Exhibit A).

Exhibit A: The talented and fun loving Esteban Warren, who will be the Worship Pastor of our new church - while one might be convinced by his multitude of musical talents that he is a superior human, is actually only one mere man. Yet! He is working hard to communicate with nearly 100 different people who help with worship and technology. Thus, do not fear if you haven't heard about changes from your ministry leader yet, we are doing our best to communicate with excellence as quickly as we can. 

So, without further ado! Here are the New Church Staff Roles - 

Joel Mattsson-Bozé – Lead/Teaching Pastor

Jeff Harris – Teaching/Equipping Pastor 

Tim Ruiz – Executive Pastor

Lindsey Alcosiba – Discipleship and Assimilation Pastor 

Brett Hall - Young Adult Ministry, Deaf and Creative Arts

Nick Rodrigues – Student Ministries

Laura Haas - Family Ministries 

Marie Thoma - Media Arts

Esteban Warren – Worship


Esteban came to InRoads in September 2014 as the Worship Pastor. His heart is to engage people's passion for worshiping God with their gifts in the area of music, audio and video. Esteban led worship for 14 years at the church he grew up in while also branching out when provided with opportunities to lead elsewhere. His passion for music led him beyond the walls of the church beginning in 2008 when he started playing in performance bands. Since then touring has taken him across the country many times over.

Esteban graduated from Cal State Hayward with a bachelors of science in kinesiology and went on to attain his teaching credentials for physical education. He left teaching to pursue music full time in 2007.

Esteban married his beautiful bride, Chantal, in 2006 and they have continued to play and create music together BUT more importantly, they continue to believe together. They welcomed their first child Emryss almost a year ago on January 6th. Emryss brings cuteness to a whole other level, as well as bringing joy and love to their marriage and family.