Deaf Ministry, Discipleship Ministry, Lindsey Alcosiba & Brett Hall

Brett Hall has been on staff with InRoads as the High School Pastor since 2010 and the College/Young Adult Pastor since 2013. Years ago through his involvement with Young Life’s Deaf Ministry, Brett gained an exposure to the deaf community that grew into a strong respect and understanding of deaf culture. As InRoads began to grow a deaf ministry, Brett was the perfect fit to take the staff lead to support those within the ministry. 

We are thrilled to announce that Brett will be carrying out a similar role of overseeing deaf ministry as a part of his duties within the new church. His job will be to equip leaders with the resources they need to strengthen their current ministries as well as reach our deaf community. Brett’s job will not to be to take over and do the ministry - but to be a support for those who are.

This past Sunday Brett enjoyed attending CBNC’s Deaf Adult Sunday School class as well as the Deaf Church Service. He told both staffs about his wonderful experience and his excitement about the deaf ministry that is currently at CBNC. 

After church Brett meet with the leadership team which including Mario Arellano, Shawn Lattier, Joel Mattsson-Boze’, Christina Haldeman and other key people. Those who met expressed true excitement about what is ahead of us for deaf ministry in our new church.

Along with progress for the deaf ministry this week, we also made great progress getting the staff up to speed on a discipleship tool that the new church will be using. Lindsey Alcosiba will be in charge of this new Discipleship Ministry. This new role for Lindsey is another perfect fit as discipleship is something he is passionate about. This tool is one of the many exciting things that we will be sharing about at the All Church Retreat! 

Meet Lindsey Alcosiba 

Reverend Lindsey Alcosiba is native of the Newark community.  He graduated from Newark Memorial High school and went on to study social science and religious studies at San Jose State University.  After becoming a Christian at the age of 21, he immediately felt the call of God on his life for full-time ministry.  Lindsey started his ministry as a youth pastor at Cedar Boulevard Neighborhood Church and although he has grown into other pastoral roles, he has not lost his passion for the lives of young people.  

Lindsey and his wife Candy are passionate about reaching the lost and broken.  They want to bring the hope of Christ to the hopeless and share the love of God to those who are marginalized, reminding them of their significance and value in Christ. Both have a deep passion for discipleship and prayer.

Lindsey and Candy have three boys: Kenny, Kevin, and Kyle.  Their boys attended Fremont Christian until high school and transferred to Newark Memorial.  All three have grown up in the community thriving in sports, leadership, academics, and ministry.  The Alcosiba boys are well-known in the community and are all pursuing their roles in Christ to advance the Kingdom of God.

Meet Brett Hall 

DSC_5936 (1).jpg

Brett and Rachael have been happily married for three years and recently rescued their dog Abby. They live in Niles and love the small community, while also serving the greater Fremont area. Rachael is a yoga instructor, as well as pursuing a nursing degree while working at Stanford as a CNA. Brett currently serves various forms of young adults for the church, and serves as the Committee Chair for Young Life. Brett and Rachael met by leading in youth ministry together and love to serve together. They are excited to serve with you!