2nd Round of Rooted is Complete!

What a GREAT GOD we serve!  This past week we celebrated the end of the Fall Session of Rooted.  Friday, November 17, marked our second celebration feast with 65 adults and 15 children honoring the 60 participants who completed the Rooted series.  I’m so proud of all of our groups-10 weeks, 50 days of homework, 200+ Bible Verses reviewed, countless life stories shared, new friendships gained, and ALL growing closer to the Lord.  As we joined together with food and fellowship we worshipped as the body of Christ and later, we witnessed 9 people publicly declare their faith through baptism.  I want to thank our GREAT Cedars Staff and all their hard work, planning, and effort to make this night memorable for ALL.

The Rooted series is a 10-week program that provides the fundamental foundations of the Christian faith and unites those participating in their perspective Rooted groups.  It is a serious commitment by all who participate and those who facilitate the groups.  I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the facilitators of this fall series:  Rick Batcheller, Kelly Hess, Jerry Lovejoy, and Craig Fuller; your dedication and passion for God and your group made this season possible.

During this season of thankfulness,I am continually reminded of God’s faithfulness as we pursue Him.  Scripture tells us that when we seek Him we will find Him, and we had 60 people seeking God faithfully with with all their heart.  I am praying this is the beginning of an amazing journey for each participant and as they continue to venture through life with Christ, I am hopeful that the Rooted celebration will be one of many stones of remembrance in their lives. We will be hearing testimonials on upcoming Sundays from participants from this session of Rooted.

If you want to be a part of the Rooted experience, we will begin our Winter session in January 2018.  We will begin taking sign ups in December and we would love to have you take part of this great group experience!  I’m praying for this upcoming Winter session of Rooted and excited to see who the Lord will gather together!

Lindsey Alcosiba