April 28th Update

This week at Cedars Church we are experiencing the great value of people going through the Rooted experience.  The prayer time was terrific.  We need to become more and more a praying people.  The experiences of groups being together and sharing and experiencing God together in their groups is binding people together and drawing them closer to Christ.  This is what I am experiencing myself and hearing from others.

The women of Cedars had their women's retreat.  Thank God for the time they had away, to rest, fellowship with one another, and worship and experience God.  Our prayer is that they would bind together in this great adventure of loving and serving God that Jesus has called us into.  We are to make disciples.  God bless you women.  Lead us forward with your love for God.

Please pray for Carla Greenberg.  Her cancer is taking over and she needs pray, along with her whole family.

Remember, Cedars is a church that is working to equip you, to make you mature and ready to be used by God; focuses you on your Inner Circle, reaching those people with the Gospel that our Lord has put in your life, and Planting House Churches, to multiply the ways and places we can reach and grow new people in Christ.