Home Church Pastor Commissioning

Hello Cedars:

The Elders of Cedars want to give you an update about the commissioning of our Home Church Pastors taking place in both of our services this coming Sunday. Since the merge happened, we have been looking forward to this date, when we would have our first home churches officially recognized by our Eldership and the C&MA (Christian & Missionary Alliance.)


We identified and began meeting with these men back in early 2017. This was a slow yet significant process. These men (and at times their spouses) met for 2 hours each week. They have tackled a great number of topics as part of the training curriculum such as ministry, theology, doctrine, personal growth, and the study of God's Word.  

These men have worked hard, and have asked great questions of their instructor, Pastor Jeff Harris, as well as each other. But their greatest questions were asked of God.


This is a huge undertaking. This is a significant commitment. All the while they were trying to look at a new paradigm for ministry going forward. Prayers and wrestling are always a part of something significant.

As of March of this year, three of our churches have been participating in what we called a soft launch. They started meeting and trying to see what God wanted these home churches to really look like. We have no cookie cutter model for them. They will each look and act different as they move forward.

What was most significant was the Word of God and the Spirit of God.  These have to be the most essential aspects of what they would be establishing. To be honest, we were ready to move forward earlier this year, but we had to wait on some issues at the C&MA district office to get resolved. So now we are ready to move forward.

This Sunday we will be commissioning and certifying two of our Home Church Pastors:  Andy Patrick and Barry Taimani. The Elders along with some guests will be commissioning these two pastors with the laying on of hands. The C&MA will then commission them with the Certificate of Christian Worker.

The C&MA manual states the following about the Christian Worker Certificate:

A Christian Worker Certificate is intended to provide recognition for individuals whose lay ministry extends beyond the local church and is endorsed by the elders of the church where they are members as contributing significantly to the mission and purposes of that local church. The certificate may be issued by the pastor/senior pastor and elders of the congregation, with the approval of the district superintendent, only in restricted circumstances where validation of character and competence is required to enable lay ministry beyond the usual ministries of the local church.

We are excited that we get to take this step of encouraging these men as they "contribute significantly to the mission and purpose of Cedars Church”. We are praying that you will come and support them in this endeavor.

Cedars Elders