Elder Request

Cedars Church

Sadly, it appears that there has been a good deal of divisive, and in some cases, outright false communication from former attendees to our current members prompting doubt and distrust. While we have no desire to enter into public argument or rebuttal, we also have a responsibility to protect Cedars Church from such things to the extent possible. We therefore must state that we have asked repeatedly for them to come and speak with this eldership concerning accusations and statements.

Our goal and desire was unity and Biblical reconciliation. We also asked for Ray Van Gilst (C&MA Central Pacific Superintendent) to participate as well. He was informed and has been copied on all correspondence. He was in agreement as to the choices that this situation forced us as Elders to make. We are saddened that this misinformation continues to come out. To that end, should you receive such communication, please come to us directly for clarification. Should you know of somebody who has been so communicated with, please encourage them to do the same.

Cedars Elders