Meet Jasmine Myers - Children's Ministry Teacher

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Family Ministries would like to introduce you to Jasmine Myers, a native of Fremont and a current student in Hayward. She is one of Cedars Church nursery ministry heroes! Jasmine has the widest consistent ministry age range I have every known. Every Sunday she is with the youngest of us at Cedars, the amazing babies; and at her day job, she teaches those up to 104 years of age!! 

During the week she works in Union City teaching the elderly about technology, Facebook, iPads, digital cameras, and printing. She says, “There is no shortage of questions!” She also educates them on dementia, brain health, and how to have a better quality of life as they get older.

So how did you get involved with the babies?  “When InRoads was at the old building, around 2011, I knew I loved kids and the nursery seemed like a good place to be. It is kinda hard to go wrong with babies. I asked around about how I could help out and started right away.” 

How are you connecting in at Cedars right now? 

“I am currently taking the Financial Peace Class, I have gone through Rooted, and have also been a part of the young adults group. Rooted was so wonderful. I am an introvert so the deep questions are where I live. That is the good stuff. The deep conversations and theoretical things in Rooted were really enjoyable."

What is God doing in your life right now? 

“I have been a Christian since I was 17 (25 now) and I am having a lot of spiritual awakenings and reflection right now. I even made a new goal to read the bible cover to cover this year. Reading the Bible is helping me to grow in prayer as well." 

What are you looking forward to? 

"I want to travel this year and explore  minimalism – I want to get my life cleared out.”

What is your favorite part about Cedars?

I am thankful that Cedars is a new beginning and we are not afraid to take risks. We created something new! The staff is leading us into uncharted territory, but doing it so well. Even when you get flack from us, you keep moving forward!  I am excited about what is happening and glad that I get to be a part of it."