A Rooted Story - Gordon and Bethany Fung

Hello Cedars

Gordon and Bethany Fung.jpg

What a blessed journey to have graduated from Rooted. Prior to taking this course, we had heard positive stories from others whom have had great experiences. However, we let life came up with excuses after excuses to avoid participating. It wasn’t until our close friends expressed their interest in joining that finally nudged our interest. However, we still hadn’t officially commit until the first week of the course.

Immediately, our reservations were lifted upon sitting down on the first day. We were surrounded by other individuals with various backgrounds yet for some reason, we felt at ease and comfortable within this safe environment. We knew God had strategically placed all 10 of us together for a reason. Lindsay assured us that it did not matter whether you had accepted Jesus into your life or barely knew who He was as we were all equal. Everything was strictly confidential and judgment free. Each week topics were broken down into easy-to-follow foundational information ranging from who God was to how we can serve Him within our community. As someone who found it difficult at times to follow in The Bible’s words, this course motivated us to study deeper.

Upon completion of the Rooted course, we decided to get Baptized (Bethany, again) and dedicated our lives to receive Jesus Christ as our Savior while utilizing His words to become a spiritual leader for our family. The fact we were blessed to get baptized together symbolized a covenant of our marriage. We not only walked away spiritually stronger but have gained the bond of brothers and sisters whom we can share our journeys with. It’s just the beginning and we look forward to stemming from this Rooted course into other avenues to serve God and others. Thank you, Lindsay and Rooted.

~Gordon & Bethany Fung