Worship at Cedars

by Esteban Warren

Cedars Worship Ministry exists to glorify God with the gifts of musical, video and audio performance. It’s our desire to create an environment where one can freely engage a loving God whom we worship and adore. This is accomplished when each worship team member recognizes his/her identity as a child of God first, and in so doing allows this gifting to flow from that place of true belonging and full acceptance in Christ.

This has been the goal since day one of Cedars church. It’s definitely hard to evaluate with any certainty where we are or how “well” we are doing, but there are some very tangible “WINS” the worship team has experienced over the last year and I wanted to share some of those with you.

One of the most amazing accomplishments is that we were able to integrate two separate teams from two separate churches.  That added up to more than fifty people! This was no easy task and it was extremely daunting for me personally, but I had great support around me! I really have to thank Antoinette Rodrigues for all her invaluable assistance in this process. She has been, and continues to be, such a source of encouragement and guidance. The current state of the worship team has much to do with her love for all involved.

Secondly, Cedars worship continues to grow and involve new members. This is especially encouraging since we have people who have joined the team who only know Cedars as their church and have little to no history with the previous churches that merged to become Cedars.

Another area of great improvement is in the area of Audio and Video technology. Completely new systems were integrated at the inception of Cedars that continue to evolve from month to month as those running said systems begin to troubleshoot and improve the ways we operate. I want everyone to know that the people working in the back of the church who run sound, lights and video are as much of a part of the worship team as any vocalist, instrumentalist or worship leader. They are SO valuable and I personally appreciate them so much! I encourage you to personally thank them some time and I guarantee it will be appreciated more than you can imagine.

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to acknowledge Cedars worship team as a whole for consistently creating an inviting atmosphere of worship from Sunday to Sunday. These people have such uniquely beautiful stories that have brought them to a place where they were convinced they needed to express themselves through worship. What you see on Sundays is just a continued expression of the worship that is happening in their individual lives throughout the week. This ability to lead by example is not overlooked or taken for granted. This group has such a desire to work selflessly with each other as part of ever-changing teams from week to week. Each member does this because each has tasted and seen that God is good. They worship because they know Him who created them for worship.