I just Wanted to Say..... (Jeff Harris)

Hello Cedars:


The staff and elders want to make sure that we are keeping you in the loop as we move forward. It has been a great season of successful events here at Cedars:  Men’s Retreat, Women’s Ice Cream Float Social, Children’s Movie Night at the Barn and College-Young adult Hiking, not to mention to the great crowd that showed up for Taco night. Whew… that is a lot.

Additionally, there has been a great spirit within those who attended these events. People are getting to know each other and are hearing each other's stories. This is great!


We are not done yet. Rooted is here! And you can still sign up. Click here to do so. This is going to be a great Rooted series as we come out of a busy summer.

Also, the Equipping Conference (Ask & Imagine) is set for September 27-29. You can get more info by clicking here. This is going to be a significant event in the life of Cedars. There will be three Main Sessions and four “Equip Seminars” led by nearly thirty presenters.  There will be childcare where much fun is set to take place. The Equipping Conference is Free and we want you to sign up. Look over the information and sign up today.

Jr_High Retreat x pres.png

Our youth have a retreat set for the 14th - 16th. What a great way to say goodbye to summer.

There is also a Women's Breakfast coming up on September 8th. So much is happening. The Women’s Retreat at Alliance Redwoods is in October, and then, BAM, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are upon us!

Women's Retreat x pres.png

The leadership is excited about what God is going to do during this season. Speaking of our leadership, two things that we told you would take place have happened. First, the leadership (Elders, Staff, Ministry Leads) all met last Sunday to make sure that we are all moving in the same direction. It was a good meeting and we have more meetings planned in the near future. Secondly, the elders along with Lindsey and Tim met last night to tackle some of the backlogs that needed to be addressed. We did not get through it all, but we are moving forward.

In future updates, we will tell you of some of the things with which the Elders are currently wrestling.  We just wanted you to know that we are really trying to come together to act on the vision that God has for us. Blessings to you all. See you Sunday!

Because He Lives…

Jeff Harris