We just want to say THANKS - (All Church Meeting)

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Hello Cedars
On behalf of the eldership we want to thank those who were able to attend our Annual All Church Meeting. What a blessing it was to share the vision that God has put before us in 2019. We were so encouraged to hear overwhelming support for what is on the horizon for Cedars. We want you to know that the staff is also encouraged as we move forward.

We want to underline once more that if you have any questions, we have made it possible for you to ask them. At the top of our Cedars online home page is a button that, when clicked, will take you to a form that will allow you to ask questions of the Elders on various topics. Also, the presentation that was shared at our meeting is there for your to look over at your leisure. We also have placed a copy of our Statement for Membership for you to look over.  A reminder that membership will be instituted once we get a final approval from C&MA on our Bylaws. You can also call the office and ask to meet with our Lead Pastor, Jeff Harris.
As was stated, we have fully funded the budget requests for all our ministries and have put into the budget some much needed facility upgrades and care. We were also able to address the salaries and benefits of our staff. We are so excited by the vision that God has given this Eldership for Cedars and its future. The staff has been doing some amazing things and we were blessed to let you know about some staffing changes that will help us grow even more. Jeff will take a few minutes in this Sunday’s services to give you the highlights.

When it is was all said and done, we thought we left out an important component to our growth in 2019:  We are going all in on our teams. That means that all ministries have teams that are being built to better serve Cedars:  Hospitality team, Men's Ministry team, Women's Ministry team, Family Ministry team, etc. Do you want to be on a team that helps us thrive? Be looking for places to volunteer and we will be letting you know of our needs very soon.

God is good and we are so excited by the weeks and months ahead of us. Blessings to you as you strive to reach your Inner Circle, and may we work together to equip the saints for their work in ministry.

Elders of Cedars Church