A peek into a Rooted Group! - Annie Rosado (Children's Director)

Annie Rosado, our new Children’s Ministry Director, and her husband Caleb are taking the Winter Rooted class on Sundays. We wanted you to hear a bit from her on what the experience has been like.


Question: Annie, how has this group experience been different for you from other groups?

“This group has been completely different than any other group because there is more vulnerability in what people talk about. There is no judgment and are no right or wrong questions. This opens up the floor to just about any conversation. It is a safe place to pray and especially for sharing what is on your heart.


I don’t know if it is just our group, but honestly, relationships have already been created in just a few weeks. The friendships were even being formed at the first meeting. It is different than just seeing people at church on a Sunday. Growing these friendships in Rooted has been organic, now on Sunday’s it is like seeing an old friend. I think you can expect to come out of this groups with friendships formed, coffee dates planned, and really set up well for community.”

Question: You have been a Christian for a while. Outside of the relational aspect of Rooted, do you believe it is great even for “seasoned” Christians?

“Yes, I do. Rooted takes you back to the core foundations of belief. You’ll find yourself going deep in the quiet times. Whether someone is at the beginning of their walk, have been a Christian for a long time, or even unsure about God and have lots of questions they have been wanting to ask - I think Rooted is right for everyone. It will deepen your relationship with God wherever you are at in your spiritual walk. I don’t think you can go into Rooted and not come out with a stronger faith!”

Question: Cool, thank you so much for sharing Annie! One last question, What is it like to be in a group led by facilitators where the content really drives the time?

“I like how the environment has been set up for these groups. Once you have experienced a group you can see how yourself or others in the group could easily step in to facilitate. Our leaders are Rita and Sallee. Having them both has been such a blessing. I was really nervous about going into rooted, because I was worried about it being serious all the time. I don’t mind serious, but I do like to have fun, too. Having them as facilitators is the best – they make it easy for us to share because they are so transparent about their own lives and spiritual walk. It is not about them being on a pedestal but about them being alongside us on this journey.”

Thank you so much for sharing with us Annie! We hope this has encouraged some people out there to jump in and experience Rooted in the Spring.