We have some important news

Hello Cedars!!!!!


We are heading towards a great Sunday on May 19th! The Todd Family will be with us as we focus on missions and various ways God can use us to spread His salvation around the world. We will also be participating in a special offering that goes to the Great Commission Fund of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). This is going to be a special time at Cedars. Do not forget the question and answer session with the Todd's from 12:30-1:00 PM in the Sanctuary followed by a luncheon reception in the fellowship hall from 1:00-3:00 PM.

Okay, on to some more big news. First of all, we want you to be aware of some changes coming to our Eldership. We are a blessed church to have men who have strived to do the right thing in these last few years. To be faithful to God's Word, even when it was hard. They have all been faithful stewards of Cedars Church. Please keep them in your prayers, they always need it. So please keep in prayer Steve Flynn, Miguel Padilla, Ray Wimsett and Jeff Harris.


Amir and his wife Lea have been praying for a long time about a move out of state. God has opened the doors. This move did not come quickly, but has really been in process for years. Due to the move, Amir will be stepping down as Elder at the end of May. They felt God telling them no, for a while, and they obeyed. God has now released them to move to Idaho. A part of this decision is connected to a business that Amir runs. This move will allow for this business to be placed in an area of the country that will allow it to expand and thrive. Knowing Amir, this would not be happening without much prayer and a sense of peace between him and Lea. They are set to move toward the end of June. We are putting together a gathering that will honor them and their service to Cedars. Look for those details soon in an upcoming update as well as announced in our services. Be praying for the Mohtasham family during this transition. Pray that God uses them mightily for His glory in Idaho.


The elders are always looking to whom God might be raising up when it comes to the leadership of Cedars. We have felt for a long time that we needed to bring Ken Rodrigues on as an Elder. We met with him, prayed over him, asked him to pray and consider this call. After a time of prayer, Ken and his wife Antoinette said yes to Ken being on the Cedars Eldership. He is being faithful to the God he serves. Ken is a teacher of our pre-teen group and is a servant of Cedars. Ken was on the Eldership board of one of the previous churches he attended. We see him as a faithful servant. Ken will start his term of Elder as of June 1st. We are asking that you be praying for Ken and his family and, for the transition that will take place between Amir and Ken. Please know that we see God working at this time, and know that God is always faithful.


We are announcing today that we are presenting you with the bylaws of Cedars Church, which were spoken of at the Annual Meeting in January. You may access them by clicking here. The Eldership worked on Cedars’ bylaws and then submitted them to C&MA for input and approval. They were  approved at the end of April. What you see in the link are the finished bylaws. We have also worked on the plans for membership, which we will talk about in a minute. Yes, this has taken longer than we desired, but the process of bringing two churches together is never easy. Especially when the church families coming together have different backgrounds in their history. The Elders had to work through philosophies and traditions and sometimes dreaded, "we never did it that way." They worked hard and found the common ground that is found in Christ and His word.

Bylaws are a requirement of the state. We need to always remember that. Although bylaws are good to use as a guideline, they are not scripture. We will always submit to the word of God over a man-made document. Please know again, this did not happen quickly because we wanted to do our best. Our C&MA District Leadership was aware of our situation and provided great  support and insight. Most of the bylaws are unchanged from what they were to the churches before the merge, however there are changes and additions we feel capture the heart of both church traditions. You may have questions. If you do, please send them to Elders@cedars-church.com or contact the office. We will get to all questions as quickly as we can.


Part of the bylaws we will be implementing membership. Membership Kick-Off will be Sunday night, July 7th. Membership has to do with accountability and a commitment to Cedars Church by its people. We will be walking through membership and all that it entails in the weeks to come. There will be discussion on the process and requirements of membership. We want the people who call Cedars home to know that they have leaders that are praying for them and who want to shepherd them. So please, if interested, read through the bylaws and be looking toward our Membership Kickoff on July 7th.

As I wrap up this update, let me tell you how proud I am of Cedars Church. From Home Churches, to Cedars Groups, to missions, to youth and young adults, to great teachers of our kids and servants from the stage and kitchen, and an awesome Baptism Sunday. We are blessed. God is moving. God is asking us to use our gifts for works of ministry. He is calling us to reach our inner circle, and He is asking us to look for ways to expand His Kingdom. Thank you for being a part of Cedars Church. May more people come to know our Lord.

OH- I almost forgot. The cross. Well, we were so close! We had the permit in hand, we even had the materials, we had the builders and the installers, we were almost there...and then someone noticed that the placement of the cross was off on one of our drawings. So, back to the city we went. Now we are waiting for two meetings to take place: one with the city council and one with planning commission. We are so CLOSE! We will keep you in the loop. Pray those meetings go well.
Because He Lives


Jeff Harris