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Hello Cedars:

July was a lot busier than we thought it would be, but it has been so good. We have focused on some pretty important aspects of Cedars Church and we had some fun along the way. It is not over, we still have our Membership Celebration this Sunday, July 28, at 11:00am. 

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Please remember that this Sunday there is one service at 9:30. All our kids classes will happen during this one service and then we will celebrate with a breakfast for you! Right after the first service the food line will be open. After the meal, we will bring everyone back in for our Membership Celebration meeting. We hope to see you Sunday, Come hungry!

As we said earlier, we have been busy this July with membership kickoff and our “Church and the Park” just to name a couple. What a great time of gathering together we had as we invaded Newark Community Park. Great games, great food, and the weather was excellent. We loved seeing the Cedars family just hang out and enjoy the day. God has been so good to us, and we just want to praise him for all that He has done.

Now on to some other things that are important. As we have been stating each Sunday, we wanted all of those who called Cedars home to do a few things: One, if you would like, the bylaws have been available at the resource counter for the last 2 months. These are the bylaws that we worked to complete with C&MA. One part of the bylaws was to fulfill the requirements of C&MA for membership. We have been drawing your attention to these requirements. We have our Statement of Membership available to you, and have tried to be available as you check that out.

Rooted has been such a good experience for all that have taken it, and we are looking forward to everyone being able to go through this 10-week opportunity to build community

Below are some links that we would love for you to click on if they apply to your situation. Please know that in our attempt to Equip the people of Cedars we need information to do that well. If you would take a little time to help us out by filling out these items, it would go a long way. 

So that is all that we have for you for now. Please look at the links below and help us to really make a difference in the lives around us.


Cedars Leadership 


Cedars Membership Statement 

Click here to review, and if applicable sign the statement digitally.

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I want to Serve!

Click here to fill out a form that will better direct you on how to serve at cedars


Rooted Survey

Click Here to let us know how we can best serve you with this program.