A Look at Go Big (Backyard VBS) - Michaela Schauer



Instead of hosting a large on-campus VBS, Cedars' vision is to reach the community and give access to the gospel to those who do not otherwise have the chance. So we have taken VBS and changed it into supporting Backyard Bible Camps, hosted in our local neighborhoods. These camps provide a greater opportunity for parents to engage as well as the kids and for continued relationship centered around the gospel. Michaela Schauer, one of the Leaders of Cedars Family Ministry has hosted 2 summers in a row. Both years God moved in AWESOME powerful ways. Read below for more of the story from Michaela on this summer's camp and be inspired for what God may do in your community next year. Go Big and Go HOME - for Jesus!

Schauer’s Home 2nd Go Big Backyard Bible Camp - July 22-26th, 2019


 All in all, we had 17 children attend ranging from Kinder to 4th grade. Out of the 17, 4 kids were churched (regularly attends church). The rest of the kids were unchurched. The kids were all classmates or friends from school. For most this was their first or second time being exposed to the Bible.  We had some great helpers! (Zoe, Tim, JoJo and Michelle!) and many people committed to praying over us. 


 During camp, we talked about God’s creation, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, David and Goliath, Moses and parting the Red Sea, Prodigal Son, Jesus’s birth, and His Death and Resurrection. That is the Big God Story all in 5 days! 


 We played many fun games and created crafts that related to the Bible stories. We spent some time in small groups and discussing the story in greater depth. 

Their little minds were curious about the Bible and God. Such as “What is a virgin?” (when talking about the virgin Mary), to “Does God know everything?”, “Did he know I was going to be born?”, “My favorite story was when Jesus died on the 'plus' sign (He didn’t know the term for the cross). Because if he didn’t die, then we wouldn’t have life!” 

That’s right!  Yes! 

The kids were more engrossed in the stories and were curious about God. Among the group, there were over a dozen children who committed into prayer that they accept Christ!  

:) Michaela