Our Mexico Trip Is Telling A Bigger Story

Hello Cedars


This last June, 23 people took off for Mexico. They were willing to work, sweat and have open hearts. They did just that. They loved on a family in need and the loved on each other as they bumped into each other trying to get the work done. Smiles on faces as sweat ran down them. Love in hearts as they broke over the poverty around them. Hammers, shovels, saws and measuring tapes laying around meant that house was being built. The goal is not to build a house but a home. A home that will be filled with laughter and tears and special occasions in the life of this family. We pray for the Pastor that will love this family. We pray for a community that has the odds stacked against it. We pray for our Jesus to be ever present. So what is the bigger story. The bigger story is in us. Getting out of our chairs and into a world that needs a church that will sweat, build, love, and try. The bigger story is our lives making a difference in our world. Not because of us, but who lives in us. Let our Mexico story be an inspiration to you, that you can do more. You can be a light. You can make a difference. Just get up and go where God is.


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