Jerry Liston 


Jerry serves Cedar Church as Building and Grounds. Jerry loves it when everything is up and working with out any issues. Jerry does any buying that needs to be done for each Sunday. Jerry also makes the coffee for each Sunday morning. Every once and a while you will find Jerry in the Nursery holding a baby or two. 

Jerry is a widower after being married to his loving wife Kay of 46 years before she went to sit beside our savior. They havetwo girls, Carrie and Jennifer. Carrie has given them two grand kids Richard and Kathryn. Carrie lives in California and Jennifer lives on the east coast.

Jerry loves to walk and walks a lot at Quarry Lake and has seen a few of you there. Jerry also is a part of a group of guys who walk almost every day. (They call themselves InTrails... Ask around they would love to have you join them). Jerry loves to fish, loves Bass Pro Shop and you can hang with him most morning at SuJu's off of Thornton, stop by and give jerry a hug. Jerry also loves to watch the Giants Baseball team play and win.

Jerry has almost 71 years experience, what else is there.